City Tour City of Mendoza, the desert turned into an oasis

The City of Mendoza is considered as one of the most important in Argentine.

Positioned as the fourth conglomerate in the country, a strategic point for the socio-economic development of Mercosur and connected to Chile.

It presents itself with the physiognomy of an oasis city that finds the foundation of its existence in artificial irrigation. Thus, its distinctive elements: groves, ditches, wide sidewalks and renovated green areas, offer residents and visitors an excellent quality of life. Mendoza has a park, made by the hand man, of 510 hectares. It is named after the Liberator of America, Parque General San Martín.

The city is an attraction in itself. Founded in 1561 by Pedro del Castillo, its gastronomy occupies a fundamental role, in the hotels with its international food and in the small typical and traditional restaurants with exquisite dishes.

It has a varied artistic and cultural activity: theaters, museums, art galleries and craft shows enrich the daily offer. Dynamic and always alive, it offers pubs and places to relax and dance. Theaters, cinemas and casinos stay open until late at night.

The City is the ideal starting point for excursions to the important tourist attractions of the province such as the Wine Routes, the mountains, rivers, hot springs and natural reserves.