Carlos Alonso Museum

Carlos Alonso Museum, a mansion with history for the Mendoza culture

In the traditional Emilio Civit Avenue of the City of Mendoza, stands the imposing residence. Built in 1912, it adopts an eclectic architecture, typical of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Argentina. It bears his name in honor of the Mendoza artist recognized worldwide for his pictorial works. The old mansion was remodeled and refurbished a couple of years ago to be transformed into an art museum with large rooms. Behind it stands a new, modern, three-story building with exhibition spaces and a multipurpose room.

Thus, the Museum has two buildings, with different architectural styles, where art samples are exhibited, concerts are held, and where you can also enjoy a pleasant moment in the restó  coffee shop, located on the ground floor. Its impressive interior invites you to explore every corner and discover the works of renowned artists that make the rooms even more beautiful.

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